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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Category Archives: The Letting Market and our unique Quarterly Reports

Quarter 1 – Oxfordshire Letting Market: Be positive but not naive

Society admires confidence but over-confidence can cause problems if a false picture of reality is conveyed or risks are not assessed properly. You could argue that the over-confidence of a handful of mortgage derivative traders created the financial whirlwind of …
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Are the buy-to-let headlines indicative?

You may have seen the bullish headlines about buy-to-let lending in the papers on Friday and over the weekend.

Mary Portas on estate agents

Around 25th October we took a phone call. The question was simple:  “Are you interested in being considered for Mary Portas’ new show about customer service?”

The snow doesn’t stop us letting

A hectic week before Christmas ended up being highly productive thanks, in most part, to our excellent contractors.

Family homes needed in North Oxford

The market for North Oxford rental properties is linked heavily with the academic year. Demand is greatest during the summer months, but none more so than the family home since families want to move when the kids are not at school …
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The Comprehensive Spending Review an Oxfordshire Letting Agent’s view

The Comprehensive Spending Review has been comprehensively reviewed by journalists and analysts, and no doubt you have been reading, watching and listening.

Quarter 3 – A busy summer of short supply and increasing rents

Download our Q3 quarterly report (pdf)  The weight of ‘9/11’ means we naturally overlook ‘9/15’ and so the second anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy passed quietly a few weeks ago. However, 9/15’s repercussions are still pervasive as the Oxfordshire rental …
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