Is Your Agent Qualified?

Is Your Agent Qualified?

At our most recent staff meeting we were delighted to be joined by David Cox, Chief Executive of ARLA Propertymark. We are committed to ensuring our people are always up to date with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide our clients with the best advice and service. With the impending tenant fee ban expected in 2019 we invited David Cox to come and talk our team through the proposed details of the ban to continue furthering their knowledge on one of the most pertinent topics in our industry today.

David gave a detailed description of the current proposal including what would be classified as prohibited or permitted payments under the ban. Our team was able to ask questions throughout, which Office Manager Richard Massingham felt was very useful: “David instantly made us feel that we could ask any question imaginable, which made for a very productive and revealing meeting. The ability to interact directly with someone so close to the fundamentals of the legislation meant we left the presentation with real knowledge about the detail and the subsequent impact on us as business, but also our customers.”

Why Qualify?
Over the last 10 years Finders Keepers has invested heavily in the ARLA Propertymark Qualifications Technical Award in Residential Letting and Property Management in order to equip our people with our industry’s qualification and increase their knowledge and confidence. At each all-staff meeting we celebrate the most recent passes and give each member of staff a bottle of champagne. We celebrate, because it is a real achievement for our people and it provides them with the in-depth legal knowledge to deal with complex situations.

These qualifications go right to the heart of Finders Keepers, underpinning our values of Expert, Dynamic and Scrupulous. Director, Maryse Davies, explains: “We live and breathe our values; they are a key part of our culture and are published in our staff handbook, reflected in our website and built into our induction process. They are also used to recruit, appraise and reward our people. The thorough legal grounding provided by the Technical Award helps our people to ‘live’ our values for the benefit of our clients. Having fully-qualified staff is part of our drive for excellence and premium service.”

What’s next?
88% of eligible team members are fully qualified to Level 3 or Level 4 with 24 people due to take the qualification in 2019.

If you are looking for qualified professionals to let and manage your rental property call us on 01865 311011 to get started.

Published November 2018