Let your home while you relocate

Let your home while you relocate

We have seen an increase in the number of home owners contacting us because they are considering letting their property to enable their next move.

Applicant demand has been the highest we have seen for the last few years, with all types and sizes of properties have been letting well. In many cases we have secured tenants for some landlords in a matter of days.

Some owners ‘let-to-buy’ – letting an existing property and buying a new one to live in. This facilitates an onward move and frees them up to purchase their ‘dream home’, with the option of revisiting selling the original property once the market improves, potentially even selling with a tenant in situ.

In other cases we have seen clients moving away from Oxfordshire temporarily. They plan to move back to their home in future, so letting provides a great solution which also generates a regular income. This is why we set up our ‘home owner’ service; we understand that this is the client’s own home rather than a buy-to-let investment. We offer extra inspections from our hands-on property management team to ensure your home is looked after properly.

For example, we helped the owners of an immaculate 4 bedroom detached family home in Grove. They were relocating abroad for work and wanted to let the property out in the meantime. As soon as the owner’s visa arrived they instructed us to let their home.

After we listed the property we received a flurry of enquiries and carried out some viewings. Within three days we had agreed a let with a family who loved the quality of the property and the location, ideal for their work and their children’s school.

We have many prospective tenants eager to rent good quality property. Call us to discuss your property 01235 535454.

Published October 2020