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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Furnishing that makes money

Furnishing for rental properties

Decorum Interiors is Finders Keepers’ interior design and contract furnishing division. It is also our secret weapon. Decorum Interiors’ expertise lies in mixing the flair of our interior designers, the letting savvy of Finders Keepers and the practicality of an industrial contract furnisher.

In a market where tenants expect glamorous, gorgeous homes, Decorum Interiors knows how to charm and excite tenants, command higher rents and energise tired rooms. Here are some recent examples where upgrading a property has resulted in impressive rent increases:


The landlord of a 2 bedroom split-level apartment in Jericho decided to upgrade the property after the tenant who had lived there for more than 20 years moved out. Bricks & Mortar, our renovation division, carried out some works to upgrade the kitchen and bathroom before Decorum Interiors supplied new carpets, window treatments and all furnishings. As with all projects, the focus was to pick a well-designed scheme which wouldn’t date and which would boost the rental value. Every decision was judged ruthlessly: “Will it last for 5+ years?” Sturdy furniture (not flat-pack) is a much wiser investment in the long term – particularly in a rental property where you will experience wear and tear from tenants. The weaker (cheaper) the furniture, the less time it lasts. The end result of this was the landlord saw a huge rental increase of 50.8%.

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Central Oxford

The owners of a central Oxford development have a long term plan to upgrade their properties. They have relied on the project management skills of Bricks & Mortar and the design style of Decorum Interiors to complete this exercise. For this recent apartment our choices included quality furnishings which were chosen specifically to stand the test of time and withhold the rigours of the rental market. We believe that cheap furnishings flatter to deceive, and conversely extravagant furnishing doesn’t guarantee success. Understanding your target market is essential when it comes to furnishing your residential letting property. The new furnishings alone provided the landlord with a 15.8% rental increase.

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HMO Property

After another long term let, the landlord of an HMO property in Jericho wanted to upgrade the house with new furniture and a full internal redecoration. Although the scheme for each room was different, our basic guidelines remain the same for all properties: creating a neutral palette is crucial for rental properties and soft furnishings can then be used to provide a mix of patterns or colours; this also allows you to refresh a scheme easily and at relatively low cost. Also, you shouldn’t feel the need to fill a room with furniture – too many items can look messy and distract from the style you’re trying to achieve. The landlord was delighted with the end result and with the 25% increase in rent.

Decorum Interiors manages projects ranging from a single pair of curtains to the full-furnishing of multiple apartments. Whether you need furnishing for a rental property or interior design for your own home, contact Jane and the team on 01865 302339