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The Olympic Torch is here, trust a letting agent….

I know, I know, our board spoils the photo but we couldn’t help it.

This is taken today Monday 9th July, a big day for Oxfordshire as the torch visits:

  • Bicester
  • Kirtlington
  • Blenheim Palace
  • Kidlington
  • Oxford – St.Clements, Iffley and South Park

This photo was taken by the wonderful mother of one of our Property Managers – thanks Mrs Bishop! – in Kirtlington, just north of Oxford.

The Olympic Torch is a small piece of history and no doubt thousands of people will have got a kick out of seeing the procession.

Good luck to all those involved.

UPDATE: you can see the video of Roger Bannister carrying the torch at the Iffley running track where he broke the 4 minute mile in 1954. He then went on to have a very successful career as neurologist and sports administrator.