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Nigella wins! TV Chef voted as Oxfordshire’s Best Ever Flatmate

Strong support from women voters secures the glamorous TV chef the winning prize

TV chef Nigella Lawson has been chosen people’s ideal flatmate in a poll to celebrate the 40th birthday of Oxfordshire letting agent, Finders Keepers. In a survey of Oxfordshire’s most famous residents, past and present Nigella won 25.1% of the vote with Albert Einstein second and Winston Churchill third. Over 1947 votes were cast and the public could choose from a shortlist of 12 famous Oxfordshire residents and ex-residents or nominate their own.  

Nigella’s victory was driven not just by her vibrant personality and ability to cook like a goddess, but also due to her popularity with women. Female voters elected her as the ideal flatmate due to her natural style, good sense of humour and fun persona.

“Nigella clearly strikes a chord with people, particularly with women. She is glamorous, witty and good company,“ said Dan Channer, Commercial Director of Finders Keepers. “A good flatmate transforms a home and it is to Nigella’s credit that she has triumphed over legendary names such as Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill. Many famous people have lived in Oxfordshire and we have loved our 40 years here so far.”

Nigella studied Medieval and Modern Languages at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University in the 1970s. She worked as a restaurant critic and freelance journalist before her cookbooks and TV shows placed her firmly in the public’s consciousness.

Albert Einstein stayed at Christ Church College in the 1930s and voters were drawn to his brilliance, creativity and philosophical humour. One voter remarked that “He seemed to have life in perspective more than most.” He won 11.8% of the vote.

Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace and his story-telling, biting observations and penchant for the odd tipple compelled people to choose him. One comment read: “Wit, repartee and champagne for breakfast – how cool would that be!” He polled 10.4% of entries.