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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

You’d have to be bats to live there!

At Finders Keepers, we are used to getting slightly odd requests from landlords – they know that our huge experience will mean that we can often accommodate the unusual.

One landlord was particularly keen for us to let an annexe to a tenant who could be helpful to their elderly relative who lived in the apartment above. We obliged.

We have also negotiated arrangements whereby landlords’ pets have been looked after by their tenants while the landlord is away on a temporary foreign posting.

On one occasion, a tenant agreed to run a landlord’s car engine once a week to keep the mechanicals lubricated and the battery charged up.

We have recently had another ‘first’ in terms of houses to rent in Witney. We have been asked to let a house which has a colony of bats in the attic. Many people do not know that bats are a protected species. One cannot have them evicted, or even disturb their roosts. So we will be looking for a tenant who appreciates these small flying mammals and will enjoy watching their jinking flight paths in the dusk.

They are actually not bad housemates. Since their diet consists mainly of insects, they could be regarded as an on-hand pest controller. They hang upside-down in their roosts by day emerging at dusk to catch their prey. Bats do not always stay all year round, but are normally quite loyal to their roosts, often returning each year to breed and raise their young. Females have one baby at a time. The young bats normally start to fly at 3 to 4 weeks old.

The house in question is a very lovely converted barn in the most delightful rural Cotswold setting on a large former working farm, available from 25th August at £1600 per month. There is an excellent kitchen/dining hall, a sitting room and an additional utility room. A vaulted landing gives access to 3 double bedrooms, each with its own bath or shower room. There is also a walled garden and parking.

For more details, contact the Witney office on 01993 700150.