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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Furnishing holiday rentals

Do you have holiday letting properties punching under their weight? As the ‘Stay-cation’ increases during the recession, the UK holiday home market is becoming more competitive. Owners and developers are investing in top-quality furnishings to capture the best bookings and the best rates, and fortunately you can find high quality interior design in Oxford.

Such a case in point is Decorum Interiors’ recent project in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, an area popular with walkers and mountain bikers. Decorum Interiors has a strong track record of increasing letting yields through stylish but hardwearing interior design schemes and this spring it applied its magic to four holiday letting units in a new build scheme. This timeline tells the story behind the photos:

Mid-March: the client contacts Hannah Hilton, Office Manager of Decorum Interiors, requesting outline costings for some holiday apartments. Our quotes are agreed in principle subject to further samples regarding the furniture.

21st March: Meeting on-site in Nailsworth with the client. We took a swatch board for approval, mirrors, pictures and a sample of the solid oak furniture. Minor revisions to the estimate are required. The scheme comprises relatively dark furniture designed to withstand the dirt and wear-and-tear from the expected army of walkers.

30th March: written approval received and all orders are placed for delivery ASAP. We agree to a pre-Easter installation.

Early April: a slight change to the aesthetics with four colour schemes emerging to give each apartment some individuality: lime green; turquoise; burnt orange and aubergine.


Four flats’ worth of furniture to be delivered and installed


15th April: Contracts Manager Tony Houghton begins the preparation. Four flats’ worth of bedding, bed linen, towels, throws, cushions, kitchen equipment, pictures, mirrors and lamps are unpacked and split ready for loading. They are labelled, along with the furniture, for delivery to each apartment. As the Scouts say, ‘Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.’


The team negotiate the five flights of external stairs


18th April: Tony and his team load a lorry with all the furnishings. However, the narrow lanes near the Nailsworth development mean that a smaller lorry has to be used. Not all the furnishings fit in the lorry and an overflow arises. Once on-site, the team meet the five flights of external stairs and 2 – 4 flights of internal stairs which they will become most familiar with.

19th April: This time a smaller lorry delivery is taken to the site. Beds are received and assembled. The remaining furniture is unloaded and work begins to construct wardrobes and dining tables; unpack and position furniture; set up kitchens; and make up beds.

Beds are assembled and made up, pictures are hung and lighting is positioned


20th April: The final day at the apartments for Tony and his team. The final work starts: hanging pictures and mirrors; positioning lighting; installing bulbs; styling throws and cushions; ensuring everything looks smart and professional ready for the holiday-makers to stay over Easter.

18th, 19th, 20th April: the hottest three days ever recorded in April!

The result:

Our furnishing scheme was delivered and installed ahead of the deadline, giving sufficient time for cleaning and welcome packs to be added.

The question:

Do you feel that a design refresh could increase your holiday letting yields? Contact Hannah Hilton, Decorum Interiors on, 01865 302337