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Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Jubilant to have won three more awards

We are pleased to have won three awards at this week’s Sunday Times Letting Agency of the Year Awards. We won gold for “Student Letting” and for “Innovation” and Silver for “Technology and online”.

What did the judges say? In short:


Best Innovation: “Finders Keepers implemented a truly innovative and new idea with spectacular results…they recognised the importance of school location in the decision making process of renting families. With this in mind the team plotted the precise catchment areas of all state and fee paying schools in their areas of operation. This information was then added as a search option to their website. Feedback from existing tenants is positive.”


Best student letting: “This agency really knows its market…The marketing is just brilliant and 100% geared towards the target market of students whilst reflecting an awareness of the importance parents play in influencing potential rental properties. There was clear evidence of the strong relationship this agency has with local colleges and universities…Bearing in mind the online capabilities and preferences of their tenants, Finders Keepers has developed excellent online systems for fault reporting, emergencies and useful information. The number of students who continue to let through this agency after completing their studies is indicative of an excellent offering.”


Best technology and online: “The judges felt Finders Keepers must have an ideas factory in one of their branches from which they dream up and deploy new technological solutions for problems which firms five times their size haven’t yet appreciated exist….It has introduced 80 new pieces of functionality on its website over the past 12 months and over 1,000 FAQ’s can be accessed in 10 languages.”

To read the judges’ comments in full please click here