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Our tips to help you find the perfect rental home

Research the area

If you are relocating to the area it's a good idea to research the different parts of the town or city. Online searches could give you an idea of average rents and therefore where your budget will allow you to live before you start looking at individual properties. A physical look around an area will give you a feel for it and whether you can envisage living there, what the public transport links and amenities are like etc.


Before you even start to book in viewings write a list of what you want from your home and then go through that list and highlight the true deal-breakers (e.g. parking, outside space, number of bathrooms, dishwasher etc.) This will give you an idea of what you are prepared to compromise on if it comes down to it.

Give feedback

Having your requirements clear in your mind from the start not only helps you to make a decision, but it helps your agent to find suitable properties. On top of this, after a viewing it is helpful to give honest feedback on what you liked and didn't like - and why - in order for the agent to find you a closer match.

A second opinion

It can be useful to bring a friend or family member along to viewings as they may spot things you miss or ask questions you hadn't thought to ask. Also, don't be afraid to ask your agent any questions you have about the property, the area or the process of renting a property (including any extra costs you should anticipate).

Be decisive

At all times of year it is important to be decisive, but in the busy summer months it is even more important as the best properties let the quickest. We are not advising making a rushed, ill-informed decision, but with your list of requirements you should be able to quickly decide if a property is right for you (without feeling pressured to accept the wrong property).

Organise yourself

Ensure that you understand what will be required of you once you apply for a property so that this part of the process does not drag on. Will it help to have references ready? Will you need a guarantor? What deposit do you have to pay and when will it be due? Which forms of identification will you need to supply? Being prepared means that there should not be any setbacks once you have found your dream home.

We hope to be able to help you find your dream home in Oxfordshire.