Reporting Maintenance

Advice for tenants

The most convenient way to report any faults and maintenance is via the tenant portal. When you move in, you will be sent a link to set up your account where you can report faults, including submitting photos which will help to speed up the process.

Our 24/7 emergency line is staffed by our Property Managers, and is available for genuine emergencies out of hours (see more below). Any other faults can still be reported via the portal and your Property Manager will pick this up the next working day.

Tenants - Reporting Emergencies

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What is an emergency?

Only threats to the property which require immediate action are considered emergencies.
Gas Leak If you can smell gas or think there is a leak, call the Gas Emergency Freephone Number immediately 0800 111 999.
Water and Sewage Leaks These are deemed an emergency if they are either internal flooding from failed plumbing where the leak cannot be contained, a leak which is penetrating electrical fittings or the loss of all WCs at the property.

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What is not an immediate emergency?

Central heating and hot water supply failures are not considered an emergency. In the event of these systems failing, contact your Property Manager first thing on the following morning. Check that the heating failure is not caused by local electricity or gas problems, the oil tank being empty or by incorrect setting of the programmer or thermostat. As a Finders Keepers tenant, you will have a portal to see your tenancy details, make late rent payments and report faults. Reporting through this system is better for us as you will 'triage' the fault and take photos as you report it. The better the information we get from you the faster we can get the fault fixed. Speak to your Property Manager about signing up to the fault reporting app.