Your Home

important documents for your tenancy

Welcome to your new home

We hope the move-in to your new home goes well. You will already have been sent the 'Your Home' pack and Property Profile - which contain lots of useful information relating to your property and tenancy - as well as your inventory.

We also want to provide you with other important documents which are relevant to your tenancy:

  • The Government’s ‘How To Rent’ guide, which must be made available to all tenants – click here
  • Advice for who to contact in emergencies – click here
  • How to deal with condensation and mould – click here
  • A guide for reporting any maintenance faults during your tenancy – click here
  • What to do if mail arrives for someone other than you – click here
  • A document from Thames Water about what you can put down the drains – click here
  • Information about recycling – click here