Is your Property Manager based in a faceless call centre?

Ours are based locally, in each office

We focus on providing a quality service to both the landlord and tenant, so each Property Manager manages their own dedicated portfolio of properties from one of our eight offices across the county. The benefit of our hands-on property management is that our people know the history of the property and can build relationships and trust with the landlord and tenant, which is at the heart of good service. We believe that remotely managing a property from a call centre rarely delivers good service.

Proactive Management
‘Management’ implies that the property needs to be monitored and cared for. Our Property Managers look after all aspects of the tenancy, including carrying out the check-in at the start of the tenancy (where they meet the new tenant at the property and show them how the appliances work), the inspections and a thorough check-out, which is integral to maintaining a property. This practical approach allows us to identify immediate maintenance issues, flag up any potential issues before they become a problem, and continue the 3-5 year plan for the property, planning upgrades as appropriate.

Out of hours
Property management companies must be available to their customers 24/7 – emergencies don’t necessarily wait for office hours! Some companies do not offer this, or they outsource it. We keep this service in-house as well, with our emergency line being manned by our Property Managers on a rota to ensure consistency of service. Landlords and tenants can be confident that any emergency will be dealt with, rather than being past from pillar to post when the office re-opens.

Emma Croft-Pearson, Head of Property Management, says, “Our Property Managers are truly hands-on. Having them based locally to the properties they manage helps them properly manage the property. Getting to know the property and the landlord helps to build a great relationship and allows us to deliver excellent service to our clients.”

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Why use Finders Keepers for your Property Management?

1. Expert & qualified

We are members of ARLA Propertymark, and we have made the decision to qualify our people. We currently have 83% of our team qualified to Level 3 or above.

2. Full Tenancy

Each Property Manager manages entire tenancy lifecycle - from check-in and handling maintenance to carrying out inspections and the check-out.

3. Teamwork

Each letting person has one management counterpart, and they look after a portfolio of properties. This gives great service and a clear point of contact for tenant and landlord.

4. Prevent

A pre-tenancy check allows us to ensure the property is in good order for the new tenant, and a pre check-out manages the tenant’s expectations ahead of the final inspection.

5. Maintain

Inspections ensure that the property is kept safe, compliant and up to market standard, rather than only considering what needs immediate attention.

How can someone who has never seen your property manage it properly?