Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach

We see ourselves as property match-makers

We believe in long term relationships, and in the importance of taking the time to get things right. For us, details matter. Because details matter to our clients.

We take time to get to know the landlords whose properties we manage. And we work hard to understand the individual needs of our potential tenants. We see ourselves as property match-makers. Nothing pleases us more than matching the right tenant to the right property and to the right landlord. Ours is a people business as much as a property business.

This approach seems to be paying off. We see very few disputes between our landlords and tenants. In May 2023, 99.35% of all rents due were paid on time. In 2023/24, we saw a dispute rate of only 0.005%. Put another way: for every thousand tenants that we introduced to a landlord, only five ran into problems that couldn't be resolved swiftly and amicably.

This is partly because our professionally trained staff handle all landlord communications and negotiations on behalf of tenants. It is also because we have a 24/7 Emergency Line, designed to ensure that most serious problems can be dealt with rapidly.

We also believe passionately in the power of face-to-face meetings as the best way of resolving most things. We encourage all our tenants to drop in to our offices - if only to let us know how things are going.