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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Landlord insurance, compliance and reputation.

Accidents and landlord insurance and reputation

How would a fire or accident affect my liability or reputation?

Our corporate and institutional clients ask about these issues a lot. Most letting markets are quite small ecosystems and landlords are aware that they carry certain responsibilities. Landlords want to know that risks are being mitigated.
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When can rental values change?

When can rental values change

Rent levels are close to the hearts of both landlords and tenants, who usually have different views on the subject. There are two main factors: legal requirements and market forces.
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Renting to students – do they damage properties?

Do students damage properties

If you let them, yes, but this can be said for anyone in a rental property.
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What happens if a tenant doesn’t move out at the end of a tenancy?

What happens if a tenant does not move out at the end of a tenancy

This has become a worryingly pertinent question in recent years and local authorities are struggling to provide social housing to those in need.
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Evicting tenants

Evicting tenants

There has been a lot of publicity in the national and trade media about evictions, they are always a flash point but they are actually quite rare.
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Here comes the sun – Oxfordshire quarterly letting report

Blog header Q1 letting report

As the weather warms up, so will the market. Prospective tenants will have more choice (but also more competition) and landlords may find it easier to achieve asking rents but will need to be flexible in order to secure a good tenant.
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What happens if my tenant sub-lets or has undisclosed pets?

Sub letting and undisclosed pets

Both would be breaches of covenants by the tenant as set out in the agreement. As with any breach, you or your agent should write to the tenant, remind them that they have broken the terms of their tenancy agreement, and ask them to put it right.
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