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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Letting agent legislation: only 590 MPs left to convince…

A familiar message emanating from FK Towers is the need to grab the industry and shake it violently so that all the unethical practitioners and landlords are put in bright sunlight.

The industry is defined thus:

  1. The barriers to entry too low
  2. The sums of money relating to deposits and rent are high
  3. No qualifications are needed
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Zipping around town…


Our Senior Letting Manager about to leave for a viewing



If you work in an office in a busy city centre, you will know that getting to work can be tricky because, more often than not, there is no parking available.

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Quarter 2 — Applicant volition conquers coalition uncertainty

Download our Q2 quarterly report (pdf)

The Oxfordshire letting market is busy and landlords should be making hay while the sun shines.

The copious noise (General Election, new Prime Minister, new Housing Minister, new Housing policies, Emergency Budget and Bloemfontein heartbreak) has not deterred applicant demand. However, our 6-12 month outlook is tempered by the communal budgetary pain which the country is expected to shoulder. As ever, the truth is in the detail as each town has its own micro-climate: be wary of lazy generalisations. Enough preamble: here is some detail across 8 letting and management offices in Oxfordshire for April, May and June 2010:
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The domino effect with our East Oxford office

New tenants of a 4 bedroom family home in Wheatley will be moving into their new home this week.

The property was built in 1926 and has been owned by the female members of the same family since new and was passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter.
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Finders Keepers Tapeball Tournament 2010


Finders Wicket Keepers v. Six Appeal

On Sunday 4th July a very important sporting event took place. Not the Wimbledon final, but the FK Tapeball Tournament 2010, held at Horspath Cricket Club.
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We love when our tenants become landlords

Our Witney office recently helped two tenants to become landlords.

A lovely couple needed to move to a larger property after the birth of their baby girl. We found them a 3 bedroom family house to rent in Witney, giving them more space than their 2 bedroom apartment,
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Two small bits of news illustrating Oxfordshire’s strengths

Many of you reading this are probably fortunate enough to be linked to Oxfordshire in some way.

Two small bits of news caught our eye this morning and together they illustrate the ferocious brains trust which lives inside county lines.

One is a story about a new type of low carbon car, launched by the Ashmolean:

The second is a health story about some advances in the understanding of Type 2 Diabetes formation:

It is easy to forget the strengths of Oxfordshire as a place to both live and invest in.