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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Keeping in touch – Summer 2010 newsletter

Read an online copy of Oxford Letting Agents, Finders Keepers’ latest newsletter here (click on it to view in full screen).

Three’s a charm

We like to retain our properties and tenants where possible. We have let and managed
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The people who make Oxfordshire happen

“The market is bigger than Films, bigger even than Television… and it will go on growing.”


We start our new Oxfordshire Entrepreneurs series by talking to David Hawkins, who runs Exient, a computer software development firm based in Cambridge Terrace, OX1. 

Have computer games been a lifelong passion?

My first experience of Video Games was in the late 70’s on a Binatone home console, it featured a few pong type games. Then when I a teenager
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We love it when a plan comes together

The beautiful cottage in Great Tew

Back in April one of our Office Managers was contacted by an existing landlord who wanted to market their own house for rent near Banbury.

The landlord told us the property would be ready from mid-July, so we immediately
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New HMO licence requirements in Oxford

On 22/7/10 Oxford City Council announced that all HMOs in Oxford will require an HMO ‘additional licence’ from 25/10/10 or else face a fine up to £20,000. 

 This is big news.

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All in a day's work

You never know what to expect of the day ahead when you come to work in the morning. Recently one of our Property Managers in North Oxford was returning to his car
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Letting agent legislation: only 590 MPs left to convince…

A familiar message emanating from FK Towers is the need to grab the industry and shake it violently so that all the unethical practitioners and landlords are put in bright sunlight.

The industry is defined thus:

  1. The barriers to entry too low
  2. The sums of money relating to deposits and rent are high
  3. No qualifications are needed
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