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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

New legislation ahead: compulsory insulation

A story appears today in the Telegraph stating that Chris Huhne is going to pass legislation to make it compulsory for landlords to pay to install insulation in their properties.
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A happy ending


We successfully let a 5 bedroom house in Tackley this week which had been fire damaged earlier in the year. We have been liaising with the loss adjusters, builders and insurance company on behalf of our landlord, who lives in South Africa, to make sure the house is ready for the new tenancy.
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November in Oxford

Don’t forget that the clocks go back this Sunday at 2am!

Yes, that means that you gain an hour. Instead of spending that extra hour in bed, why not use it to plan what you’re going to do around Oxford this month?
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Winter is here…


The impending change to Daylight Saving Time this coming weekend signals an important time of the year for our Property Managers. Not to do with the extra hour we will all gain, but to do with the onset of the British wintertime.
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HMO Licensing – an update

HMO Licensing –  A step closer to clarification

In the spirit of being ‘in it all together’, we would like to keep you up to speed with updates as they happen regarding additional HMO Licensing across Oxford.

Recently we laid out our position, thoughts and action on the proposed additional licensing (see post 30th September).  As a result of a meeting of the City Executive Board at the beginning of this week, the following clarification has been outlined on the Oxford City Council’s website:
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The Comprehensive Spending Review an Oxfordshire Letting Agent’s view

The Comprehensive Spending Review has been comprehensively reviewed by journalists and analysts, and no doubt you have been reading, watching and listening.
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Quarter 3 – A busy summer of short supply and increasing rents

Download our Q3 quarterly report (pdf) 

The weight of ‘9/11’ means we naturally overlook ‘9/15’ and so the second anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy passed quietly a few weeks ago. However, 9/15’s repercussions are still pervasive as the Oxfordshire rental market illustrates. In the past two years the supply of private rental stock has swung greatly in the wake of the financial “meltdown”. We discuss this and other trends from Quarter 3 across eight specialist letting offices:

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