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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

An HMO update after meeting with Oxford City Council

We went to a meeting with Oxford City Council yesterday about HMOs.

There was no major news as such since most developments were announced before Xmas, but here are some notes:
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Support a great local film – Tortoise in Love

We often get approached for sponsorship. When we read one particular email we couldn’t resist getting involved.

It described how (almost) the whole of an Oxfordshire village were going to make a film and they needed help with the financing.
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The snow doesn’t stop us letting

A hectic week before Christmas ended up being highly productive thanks, in most part, to our excellent contractors.
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Family homes needed in North Oxford

The market for North Oxford rental properties is linked heavily with the academic year. Demand is greatest during the summer months, but none more so than the family home since families want to move when the kids are not at school and the lack of snow makes it a lot easier to move a family home.

However, we have seen an unseasonal number of requests from families over the past few months.
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The new Localism Bill

You may have read quite a bit about the new Localism Bill over the past few months.

First, some background:

It has been relatively high profile since in July 2010 the new coalition Government ripped the South East Plan and all Regional Spatial Strategies up, arguing that top-down housing targets do not make sense.
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Jack Frost nipping at your toes

There can be little nicer than sitting inside a cosy house looking out at a beautiful crisp cold winter day.
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The List – one week on

The student letting team have had a very busy week.
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