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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Managing faults in rental properties

Managing faults in rental propeties

The rule is all faults should be repaired quickly, as a landlord you need to communicate with your tenants and agent to address issues as they arise.
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How can I find the best contractors?

Finding the best contractors

Good contractors are essential if you want to fix problems quickly and effectively, and keep your tenants happy.
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How often should you inspect a rental property?

Rental Property Inspections

As a rule we inspect properties at least twice yearly for Investor service clients, and three times for Home-Owner service level. In addition, we like to meet each landlord at their property once a year for their peace of mind,and to minimise the ‘old friend has changed’ effect.
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5 ways to help control the expenditure on a rental property

How can I control the costs on my rental property

The simple answer is to trust your agent, however we realise it’s not always as easy as that. So until we at Finders Keepers have earned your trust, here are some other solutions:
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Transferring utility accounts when new tenants move in

Transferring utility accounts

Making sure the utilities have been transferred into the new tenant’s name is a simple but often overlooked process.
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Do I really need the property professionally cleaned before and after tenancies?

Do rental properties need professional cleaning before and after tenancies

At Finders Keepers, our standard is ‘hotel clean’ and we would always recommend professional cleaning before and after tenancies.
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Staying ahead of the game in 2016 – Oxfordshire quarterly letting report

Quarterly Letting Report Jan 2016

The year ahead will be as unpredictable and strange as last year; 2015 was an odd year with considerable government interference. New homes are being built but not many near Oxford and not in sufficient enough quantities. Let us all hope that changes in 2016. Here are seven predictions about Oxfordshire’s property market:
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