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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Category Archives: The Letting Market and our unique Quarterly Reports

Who is buying what?

We live in interesting times. Another mortgage famine is probably on the way; house price predictions are mixed, to say the least; stocks and pensions have become a rollercoaster ride – whole countries appear to be hovering on the brink …
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Our new Brand Identity in eight steps

  1. The case for change Like a property which had seen a lot of tenants but little investment, our logo looked tired, if not exhausted. The 3-dimensional design was a relic of the late 1990s. The dark green colour …
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13 thoughts on 2012

Our brand identity may be different but our Quarterly Review stays the same: insightful and spin-free. We believe that ‘telling it as it is’ pays off in the long-term and according to your feedback this is appreciated. These 13 views …
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The debut of Finders Keepers Movies

  Last night saw the first night of Finders Keepers Movies, where we take a cinema-load of customers to the movies, which we think is a first for one of the Oxford estate agents..,

Housing Market September 2011

Given the state of the economy you may not be surprised to learn that the UK housing supply is falling back. The latest RICS housing market survey, just published, highlights three key trends. House prices on balance, continue to decline. …
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Mixed messages as the summer peak passes

On one level this report has been like a stuck record for the last 12 quarters, saying “While the world / Greece / Europe / the City implodes… the Oxford lettings market is holding up  (surprisingly) well.” The same record …
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A landlord’s ‘gap year’

Penny Costley-White on her adult gap year volunteering in South Africa   “Earlier this year I rented out my cottage in Wytham, through Finders Keepers, to volunteer at the Tertiary School in Business Administration at Karatara in the Western Cape. …
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