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Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Here for those stormy days…

Our Property Managers have been busy dealing with the fallout of Storm Ciara this week with no fewer than 46 fallen fences reported across our managed properties, as well as several roof tiles and one fallen tree hitting a parked car. However, this is not the first storm our property management departments have withstood. Ellie Madeley, Property Department Manager of our Bicester office said, “Based on previous experience of dealing with the damage that strong winds cause to fences, we got in touch with our preferred fencing contractor and asked them to purchase and store as many panels and posts as possible as many suppliers ran out quickly last time and our tenants had to wait for materials to come back in stock. This should put us in a good position for ensuring the damage is fixed as soon as possible.”

Extreme weather, such as heavy rain, high winds and flooding can cause significant damage to a property. Forecasters are now warning that Storm Dennis could hit the UK this coming weekend, so we thought we would publish some handy tips for tenants.

Where possible, you should try to minimise potential causes of damage:

  • Check that gates, fences and moveable items are secure.
  • Check your gutters are clear of loose leaves to reduce the chance of them overflowing.
  • Secure any bins or garden furniture, storing in sheds or garages where possible.
  • Ensure doors (including garages and sheds) and windows are closed properly.

Even with the best preparation, it’s always possible that damage will occur. Our 24/7 emergency line is manned by our Property Managers, and is available for genuine emergencies where there is an immediate threat of danger (for example, flooding caused by a storm).

When to contact your Property Manager:

  • Water flooding into the property: call the emergency line
  • Flooding in the property caused by sewers backing up: call Thames Water
  • A fallen fence: log it on the tenant portal any time and your Property Manager will pick it up the next working day
  • Loose roof tiles: log it on the tenant portal any time and your Property Manager will pick it up the next working day
  • Fallen trees: log it on the tenant portal any time and your Property Manager will pick it up the next working day
  • A power cut:
    • Check whether the problem is just with your property (are street lights on, do your neighbours have power?)
    • If the problem is only affecting your property, check obvious solutions like blown fuses or a tripped circuit breaker before calling your Property Manager

It’s worth noting that reporting faults through our tenant portal will allow you to also submit photos, which could prove useful in organising repairs or dealing with any landlord insurance claim.

11th February 2020