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Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Over £12,000 has been raised for Sobell House

Our team at Finders Keepers worked hard last year to raise money for Sobell House Hospice, their charity of the year 2017. Across our network of eight offices, the team ran, cycled, baked, gardened, marshalled car parks and manned bucket collections all with the aim of raising money for Sobell House or helping out by volunteering time. Even our landlords got involved, donating some of their rent for this fantastic local charity. At the end of the year of supporting Sobell House, we had raised an impressive £12,015.56 and donated 76 hours of time.

Why we chose Sobell House Hospice

We let our team choose our charity of the year as we feel that if they are involved in nominating and selecting the charity then they will be more motivated to fundraise. We think that Sobell won because it is such a fantastic local charity which has helped a lot of people in the county and even in our company.

We were particularly proud of our ‘Donate a Day’s Rent’ fundraising campaign. We came up with the idea in 2009 as an easy way for our clients to support our efforts for our charity of the year. Of course, we insist our team gets involved in lots of activities before we ask our clients to effectively ‘sponsor’ them, but it’s a great way of raising funds – and with minimal effort for the client; all they have to do is opt-in! We are very grateful to the clients who donate…often raising thousands of pounds.

Sobell provides amazing care and comfort for patients and their families, and what could easily feel like a depressing space is actually incredibly bright and upbeat. It really is an uplifting place with so many people giving so much time and effort to make everything possible.

About Sobell House Hospice

The hospice serves residents of Oxfordshire, offering physical, psychological, social and spiritual care to those facing life threatening illness, death and bereavement. Their aim is to raise £2,000,000 over the next three years to help them:

  1. Extend the site: they are going to build and re-configure the existing site to allow for better, tailored care.
  2. Provide care in hospitals: to get appropriate care/support in the hospitals for patients who require end of life care in hospitals.
  3. In the community: helping people with palliative care at home by having Sobell Nurses supporting patients.


Quotes from team members

On meeting people

“I enjoyed getting involved in the bucket collection this year because it gave me the opportunity to speak to people and hear about their experiences with Sobell House…one guy had a friend in the hospice at the time and made a donation for her – it was really emotional! It’s also been a good opportunity to mix with staff from the other offices! Any hospice deserves recognition for the amazing work they do, so it’s important to support our local one.” Emma Croft-Pearson, Head of Property Management

On being a new employee

“I was eager to help out a local charity and – because I was relatively new – I thought it would be a good way to meet other people across the company. Although the car park marshalling in November required several layers of clothing (!) it was so rewarding to help out a charity when they needed volunteers. It’s great that Finders Keepers encourages their team to get involved with the charity – my old place of work didn’t offer anything like this.” Max Brickell, Project Manager, Bricks & Mortar

On Sobell House

I love the fact that the company I work for have a local charity of the year and therefore I think it is vital to support the initiative. I want to give something back as I feel very privileged and lucky to have the life I have. Plus…it’s fun and it helps build relationships and camaraderie in the office! I was keen to help the company’s charity of the year anyway, but when Tim Wraith gave a presentation at one of our staff meetings it really hit home. What Sobell House does is incredible and very humbling.” Richard Massingham, Office Manager

On running

“The Oxford Half was a brilliant event to get involved with; the atmosphere, crowd support and facilities were all really great. I always like to get involved with fundraising, and Sobell is such a worthy cause and has helped many of my friends and family through difficult times.” Sarah Carroll, Letting Specialist

What your donations pay for:

£150  would fund a full day of day services

£100  could help provide a Chaplain, who offers spiritual support to patients

£50  could fund a social worker to help a patient’s return home

£20  could fund a session of art or music therapy for a patient or family member

£10  could fund a day’s worth of home-cooked meals and snacks for one patient

Our year of fundraising

May                             Rotary Club 5k

June                            Headington Festival, bake sale and cycling challenge

September                  Gardening on-site at Sobell House Hospice

October                       Bucket collection, bake sale and Oxford Half

November                   Donate a Day’s Rent, car park marshalling at Sobell Gift Fair

December                   Christmas party raffles and bake sales