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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

The Great British Bike Off

Oxford is a city famous for cycling. Even within Finders Keepers we have a number of keen cyclists from those who cycle as a hobby, to those who commute by bicycle and this summer several of our team enjoyed cycling to appointments on the company bicycle, including the Office Manager of our North Oxford office, Richard Massingham:

“I enjoy cycling a lot and I realised that by cycling to some of my appointments over the summer months I could not only avoid traffic and get to my destination on time, but I was also getting some exercise and feeling much more energised.

The traffic in Oxford city centre can be a nightmare at times and the great thing about cycling is that it allowed me to be punctual because my journey would take exactly the amount of time I thought it would. This, in turn, allowed me more time in the office rather than sitting in the car, which was very useful at our busiest time of year.

Clients and customers often seemed impressed as I arrived on two wheels, as it is obviously a very green mode of transport! I had one very interesting experience at the start of the summer where I had cycled to Jericho to meet an applicant who was driving to Oxford to view properties. I got to the property but she was stuck in traffic. I called her to find out where she was then travelled to her and cycled alongside her, which allowed me to chat with her and further qualify what her property requirements were and advise her on other listings!”

Finders Keepers is proudly supporting the Great British Bike Off taking place in Oxford city centre this weekend (Saturday 21st October). It is an alternative, customised bike festival and a celebration of creativity, culture and of course… cycling! Individuals or groups can enter a bike in the following categories:

  • Restored/ Re-used
  • Wheelchairs/ Mobility Aids
  • Art and Creativity
  • Fixies/ BMX/ Specialised
  • Corporate/ Cycle Teams / Schools, Colleges, Universities and Youth Groups

For individuals entering their bike online it is FREE – you need to register on our ticketing site. All money raised by the event will go to support the work of the Cowley-based Ark-T Centre (Charity No. 1079495) and all participants are encouraged to make a small donation.

Your entry grants you access to the event, into the city centre parade and the competition. There are fantastic individual prizes in each category and the ‘best in show’ Grand Bike Off Winner will go home with a trophy and £££’s worth of prizes.

Even if you don’t have a customised bike, just turn up with your bike and they will provide the glitter!