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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Local, personal service

A bad letting agent is not always measurable by the quality of the tenant they produce. A good agent is more likely to have done their due diligence and therefore supply a well referenced, quality tenant. However, a bad letting agent can be good at the letting side and then let you down with the quality of the ongoing management of the property. Our Central Oxford team recently listed a property where the landlord had had this experience elsewhere:

When the landlord’s tenant of three years gave notice to leave her property she saw it as an opportunity to look for a new agent following previous unsatisfactory service. She contacted Finders Keepers partly because of a recommendation from a friend and partly due to previous good experience as a former tenant. She was looking for a personal approach where the people who take the property on are also involved after the contracts are signed. Management of the property from an office miles away, by someone who’d never seen the property, hadn’t worked in the past.

The 2 bedroom house in Botley is within cycling distance of the city centre/rail station and has very good bus links. Tenants like the fact that they tend to get more ‘bang for their buck’ in this part of Oxford. We were working with a professional couple who wanted to live somewhere close to the city centre with a garden. They were already due to see a similar property on an adjacent street so Jack Strickland, Letting Specialist, sent the details to the applicants and added it onto their existing viewing appointment. The couple had seen a few properties already, but they really liked the kitchen, garden and overall size of this house. A let was agreed the day after; all within 48 hours from when the property was put on the market!

The property is managed by Ashley Bell, Deputy Office Manager, who deals with the check-in, any routine maintenance, inspections and the check-out. At Finders Keepers each Letting Specialist is paired up with a Property Manager in branch and allocated a portfolio of properties to look after. We find it’s the only way to effectively manage the property. If you need excellent property management for your investment call Jack or Ashley on 01865 297999.

“My first impressions were excellent and I have confidence in the team. All of the people that I’ve met have been friendly, and easy to connect with. They come across as professional, and they appear to genuinely enjoy in what they do. I think the experience for the landlord and the tenant is more positive when the agents are approachable and get to know the properties that they manage.” Central Oxford Landlord