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The 66 men of Grandpont

The 66 men of Grandpont

On Friday 11th November South Oxford Community Centre on Lake Street will be holding an evening of music, poetry and film to commemorate the men from South Oxford who fought during the First World War. This is the second year running that this event has been held and it all began with local historian, Liz Woolley. We caught up with Liz ahead of the event to find out more:

“I started the project of ‘The 66 men of Grandpont’ because I was intrigued by the names of the men that are etched into a memorial at St Matthew’s Church close to my house. A short time later I met a man who lives in Risinghurst and whose uncle, Horace Tallett, is named on the St Matthew’s war memorial. He, of course, knew a lot about his uncle’s war service, and that of his father Ken (who fought and survived), but he suggested that someone ought to research the lives of all the men named on the war memorial.

Once rumours spread several people in the community became increasingly interested. More and more people got involved and wanted to help volunteer and as we delved deeper, it became apparent how many men had lived in Grandpont and fought in the Great War. A map (click here) shows by household how many had fought and survived and sadly how many had died in combat.”

Liz and her team have now decided to hold an annual commemorative event in the South Oxford Community Centre with an evening of music, poetry and film to honour the men from South Oxford on Friday 11th November. Performance programme starts at 6.30pm with poetry, music and a showing of a 40-minute documentary film.

For more information contact or call 01865 242666

Click  here  to watch the trailer of the DVD which you can buy for £5.