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Transferring utility accounts when new tenants move in

Transferring utility accounts

Making sure the utilities have been transferred into the new tenant’s name is a simple but often overlooked process.

You will need to transfer:

Water – you might need a meter reading

Gas & Electric – you will need the meter readings

Council Tax

Telephone – BT will need instruction from you

TV / Digital / Internet – Or other extra services in the property

For your first tenancy with us we transfer gas / oil, electricity, water and council tax into the tenant’s name and we pay your closing accounts, deducting the amounts from your rental income.

From then we transfer the accounts into the tenant’s name with each new tenancy, managing the transition and taking the appropriate meter readings.

If there is a void period between tenancies, we transfer the accounts back into your name, then into the next tenant’s name. Any interim amount will be shown on your rental statement.

The procedure is different for the telephone landline account: British Telecom will not deal with agents. You need to let them know of your end-date.

However, we can actually pay the bill if you give BT instructions. It is important to note that once you have terminated your account, you will probably lose the telephone number.

Short lets or tenancies to large companies often include utilities as part of the rent, so they remain in your name. In this situation, we add a margin in consultation with you. Telephones are excluded.

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