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Do I really need the property professionally cleaned before and after tenancies?

Do rental properties need professional cleaning before and after tenancies

At Finders Keepers, our standard is ‘hotel clean’ and we would always recommend professional cleaning before and after tenancies.

We know from experience, if the property has not been cleaned that the incoming tenant will complain, who would want to move into a dirty house? Then they often refuse to employ professional cleaners before vacating. We have a detailed Check In form for this purpose which includes the statement, “I agree that the property is thoroughly clean.”

Carpets can be tricky to clean properly and need to be done professionally. Amateur DIY machines are not good enough.

If the tenancy starts well, with the tenant satisfied, it is likely to proceed well. If it starts badly, even if there is some form of financial compensation, it becomes tainted by resentment. A tenancy spoiled by any sort of negative emotion is not a successful one.

Since we introduced pre-Check Out appointments to remind tenants of their obligations and suggest professional cleaning companies, disputes at the Check Out stage have greatly reduced.

This is one of the 50 most asked questions in our new book: Landlord Intelligence.