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Frideswide Square Roadworks Central Oxford Update

Frideswide Square Layout Image
Frideswide Square provides an important gateway to Oxford and serves as a major link between some of the most used roads in the city, often handling 10s of thousands of journeys every day.
The old layout simply could not handle this volume of traffic, which resulted in bottlenecks and long delays. As well as being unfriendly to commuters in cars it also posed a danger to cyclists and pedestrians heading to and from the train station.

The improvements started in February 2015 and are now well into phase 2. While there is no doubt the work is required, the team from the Finders Keepers Central Oxford Office were concerned about how the disruption would affect the day to day business in the office.

Douglas Lloyd, Office Manager for Central Oxford commented:

“Access has been a challenge as we employ a large number of external contractors who require access to the office on a daily basis. Previously we had benefited from a loading bay directly outside the office but this has been blocked off while the work continues. Overall traffic flow through the development has now improved, early on in the work the area was complete gridlock at busy times with all traffic heading north having to go up Park End Street.

Even with all this work going on I would not say our business has been negatively affected. We do not rely on customers and clients coming to the office in person, most of our visits tend to be by appointment, which allows us to warn people of the traffic problems.

The biggest issue for us has to be the noise, digging up the road surface and breaking the existing tarmac within 5 meters of our office door has proven louder than we imagined. The staff here are worthy of a medal, and I would like to thank them all for a stand out performance during a very busy summer period despite the difficult working conditions.

The contractors working on the site have been very conscious of working with the surrounding businesses and have since installed acoustic matting on the fences surrounding the works, which hopefully should reduce the noise levels.

Overall we are impressed by the rate at which the works are progressing and the quality of the finish. It will be very smart once it is finished and act as a fitting gateway for Oxford city.”