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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Anxious About Renting Out Your Own Home?

Home Owner Property Management

It would be natural to feel concerned about handing your home over to a total stranger. Will they care for it in the same way you do? At Finders Keepers we have always been proud of our ‘hands-on’ property management. In fact, we have said in the past that we would not be offended to be referred to as a ‘Property Management Agency’ rather than a ‘Letting Agency’.

Our Property Managers are based in offices local to the properties, and look after their own portfolio of properties conducting all Check Ins, Check Outs and Inspections; the concept of outsourcing these core obligations seems alien to us. The benefit of this approach is that the Property Manager learns the history of the property and can build a relationship with the landlord. Our scrupulous property management helped us recently to win some new business…

Property Management house

Property Management Impresses

We were invited out to give a market appraisal on an amazing, modern 4 bedroom family house in Kirtlington. The landlords had lived in the house from new, and were understandably nervous about renting the property out when they relocated abroad. They were being careful in their selection of letting agent as they wanted an agent who would be detailed and thorough in looking after their home while they were away. They invited two Oxford agents and one local agent (Finders Keepers, Bicester) to value their property for rental. The owners were really impressed at the level of detail in our property management. We won the instruction as we were able to demonstrate our attention to detail, which reassured them that we were the best agent to help them.

A fantastic start, but this was only the beginning; we had to find great tenants for this great property. Within one hour of receiving the instruction we had a viewing booked in for that day. A woman whose parents were relocating to Oxfordshire viewed the property on their behalf and confirmed it was the property for them. They visited Oxfordshire later that week, fell in love with the property and applied for it that day.

Property management cottage


Proactive and Prompt Letting

We had let a gorgeous 3 bedroom thatched cottage in Weston on the Green for several years for a landlord who was working in the Middle East. They returned in 2014 and we kept in touch on and off. After a few months we discovered they were considering a move back to the Middle East as they were finding the British climate somewhat trying… (!)

We went out to meet with the landlord and look at the property again where we recommended re-thatching and putting in a new bathroom. The result: we let the property to an excellent professional tenant with an increase in the rent thanks to the upgrades.

If you need to rent out your own home, but are anxious to ensure it is properly looked after while you are away, contact Paul Rushworth now on 01869 329530 to hear about our award-winning property management.