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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

24/7 Property Management


The last thing you expect to find when arriving home after a long day at work is the inside of your home mirroring the rain that this country is famous for. Unfortunately, this was the case for one of our tenants late one evening on the 30th of September. Our Property Manager, Natalie Wood, received the distressed call from our tenant after she had discovered water pouring through the ceiling and down the walls of her home in Abingdon. We operate a 24/7 emergency line, which is manned by our Property Managers – not run from a call centre – so our tenant was able to contact us directly to report the problem.

Our Property Manager was able to determine the cause for the leak over the phone; a burst flexi-pipe underneath the bath, which was connected to the mains water supply. After explaining to the tenant’s partner how to turn off the mains, Natalie contacted our on-hand plumber. Together they attended the property 30 minutes after receiving the initial call. The plumber was able to block off the leak with a cap. The Property Manager stayed with the tenants to assist in clearing and attempting to dry out the property. The tenants were quite insistent on staying in the property for the night but were advisedby Natalie that the property was no longer structurally sound. The couple stayed in a hotel, which they were able to claim for from their own contents insurance.


Following further inspection of the flood damage the next morning, it became clear that the tenants were not going to be able to move back into the apartment. Unfortunately, the tenant’s tenancy was due to end in May and they were preparing to buy following the end of their contract, therefore we were not able to offer them an alternative property for the short period of time they required. As such, our Property Manager released them out of their tenancy using a clause in our tenancy agreement. The landlord had taken advantage of our specially negotiated policy with Jelf Insurance and so his contents cover included ‘loss of rent’. Because of the Finders Keepers policy with Jelf, we were able to deal with the whole process on the behalf of the landlord. Bricks and Mortar were brought in immediately to give a quote on repairing the flood damage.


Bricks and Mortar hope to complete all repairs to the property within 30 days, following which, Finders Keepers will begin the letting process again. Property Management can be complicated and our clients choose us to manage their properties because we have the experience and the contacts to deal with difficult scenarios.