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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Finding a needle in a haystack

On the search for the ideal tenant

At Finders Keepers we enjoy working with a variety of landlords. At times, this can mean the properties we let and manage come with special stories. This was the case with a property that was recently let by our Bicester office. A landlord wanted to the rent the annexe next to his home, but due to its proximity to his own house, his requirements were understandably specific. Never one for refusing a challenge our Bicester team quickly started to check through their list of applicants, looking for this model tenant. Our specifications were: a single individual who would only need to reside in the property Monday to Friday. Impossible you say?

With a great deal of graft, and experience of the letting market, Henry Kruczko our Letting Department Manager and Letting Manager Emma Kepinksi were able to identify a tenant. A physicist who needed accommodation Monday to Thursday as his job was in Bicester but his family had relocated to Norwich for schools. He was described by his wife as someone who “can build a jet engine but can’t have a telephone conversation!” While building jet engines was an additional plus, the landlord was very happy with the match.

Letting can be complicated, particularly when properties have close personal attachments. That is why our clients trust us to find them the perfect tenants. We have the experience and the knowledge for identifying suitable, well-matched applicants.

If you need help finding a tenant or if you’re thinking about investing, contact Letting Department Manager Henry Kruczko or Associate Director Paul Rushworth on 01869 329530 for sound advice backed by solid results.