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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

A bumper month of letting in Banbury

Figure 1

Finders Keepers in Banbury has had a spectacular month of letting, with properties of all shapes and sizes being let so far in June.

Almost half of the lets were properties in the town centre, with access to the train station being high on the list for many applicants. We have also seen an influx of graduates to the area coming to work for the large companies such as the local motorsport teams. These younger applicants are keen to be near the bars, shops and restaurants, and are renting properties within walking distance of the centre.

Photo 1

We had an enquiry a few months ago from four sharers from Ireland who were looking for a property to rent in Banbury for the summer to start work for a large manufacturer on the outskirts of the town. They struggled with properties letting faster than they could come over to view them. Then our letting team had a brainwave: if 4 bedroom houses are being let quickly to families, why not try a different tack? So on Wednesday last week we showed this group of sharers two 2 bedroom houses (Photo 1) which are immediately next door to each other. The properties matched the budget, timescale and location and applicants were delighted.

Photo 2

Properties are letting well outside of Banbury centre too. This month we have let two village properties to employees of an automotive company north of Banbury who wanted to be close to work but live in a village. One couple came to us when a property they had found with another agent fell through at the last minute. We found them a lovely cottage (Photo 2) in Northend, just a 5 minute drive from work.

Photo three

The 4 bedroom house (Photo 3) in Little Dassett let quickly to another couple who also need access to work. The tenant had sent through a property enquiry within 48 hours of the property being advertised, and the landlord is delighted that there will be no void period.

Finders Keepers does not deal with sales, and so 100% of our focus is on letting, which might explain how we have let so many properties so far in June (Figure 1). Our letting team is not paid on commission, with the attention being on matching the right tenant to the right property. Need help finding a tenant? Call Paul or Clare on 01295 276766.