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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

No rest in the run up to Christmas & New Year

Christmas isn’t what it used to be for the Oxfordshire letting market.

The days of a pre-Christmas lettings lull are well and truly over if yuletide activity on property to rent in Witney has been anything to go by this year

Even in recent memory, the impending over-eating and Christmas/New Year cheer (as well as the weather) saw the lettings market quieten notably in December, albeit that some other agencies have incorrectly used the ‘Christmas Dip’ as a convenient excuse for taking their eye off the ball until their New Year’s Eve hangovers have cleared up.

It is true that December 2012 has once again seen fewer house-hunters prepared to swap last-minute shopping sprees and warm fires for viewing properties on a cold Saturday afternoon in their festive knitwear.

But a large number of those that have exchanged comfy armchairs for house-hunting have been very serious, ready to move and often very high quality, resulting in a number of landlords finding high quality tenants that they did not expect to find until well into the New Year.

At one 2-bedroom property, the landlord had told us that it wouldn’t be worth us marketing until the end of January as “the property hasn’t been repainted and Christmas is always quiet”. After a bit of persuading, three viewings and two offers, we have a lovely couple lined up to move-in by mid-January. Happy landlord and happy tenants heading into Christmas and New Year.

In another instance, an existing landlord was concerned as his new investment was completing just before Christmas and, once again, the landlord felt that he would have to write-off getting an income until February. One very-well looked after and keen applicant Doctor, one viewing and there was an offer agreed within 4 hours of the landlord picking up the keys to his new property.

And it is not just ‘quick’ moves that are being agreed if the quality of the property is good. March seems a long way away, but a 1-bed property to rent in Witney has already been agreed. By then we’ll be onto Easter eggs!

So, while December does still see some tenants bed down in anticipation for Santa squeezing his way down their chimney (or possibly through their flue in void), many more very good would-be tenants are still lining up their next property, resulting in a very Merry Christmas for some happy landlords and tenants.