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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

A Very Merry Christmas?


As the year draws towards its close, thoughts turn to cosy nights in by the fire, or to beautiful frosty walks with the dog, returning to a nice warming drink, while tantalized by the smells of enticing cooking.

But for the team at Finders Keepers Abingdon Office other, less welcome, thoughts occasionally impinge on the Yuletide idyll…

Our Property Managers’ musings may well stray to flaming chimneys, frozen pipes, darkened houses, or dripping ceilings, ruined carpets, and cold turkeys in dead ovens. The possibility of a panic stricken Christmas morning phone call is always there. Finders Keepers own Property Managers have the tenants’ emergency contact phone with them 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year – just another difference between Finders Keepers and other agents.

The letting team may also be thoughtful. December can be quiet, so finding just the right tenant for each property may be a little more challenging. They could take comfort that the occupancy rate for Finders Keepers properties still stands at 99.85% – an astonishing figure, of which other agents might only wistfully dream. Or they could reflect on the fact that even in December, they still normally let 10 to 15 properties or so, just in the town – people are always looking for property to rent in Abingdon.

Speaking of which, November and December are always an excellent time for new business. As the property sale market, very difficult throughout this year, dwindles away to almost no activity, so we receive many enquiries from frustrated would-be sellers, keen to let their property, worried at the thought of their homes standing empty and cold through the winter, earning them no money.

We want those enquiries! Each and every Autumn,  we welcome to the fold new landlords with their chilly, empty, unsold houses. Quite often, these have become warm and happy homes by Christmas, with tenants delighted to be moved in time for the festivities, and landlords glad of the regular income and a house that is safely occupied.

Everyone’s a winner!

Let in December for a pre-Christmas move-in! Even in the winter, Abingdon Marina is popular.