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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

The Olympic Torch passes 2 Oxford letting agents…

Did you manage to make it out to see the Olympic Torch as it passed through Oxfordshire? When the route was announced we were really excited to see that the torch was going to pass not just one, but TWO of our offices!

So after work on Monday 9th July we gathered in our Student Letting office on St Clements and waited – Union Jack flags at the ready – for the torch to pass us.

Finally, at approximately 18.34 the flame was passed to Jade Brathwaite, next to The Plain, who then ran past our office to lots of cheering. We were lucky enough to spot Jade in the crowds at South Park later on in the evening and so grabbed her for a photo.

Our Director, Frank Webster, was watching a little further down St Clements and got a wonderful, clear picture of the flame for us


We then headed into South Park to enjoy the evening celebrations and the Tree of Light. Whilst walking around we spotted Daybreak presenter, Dan Lobb, who had carried the torch down Cowley Road, and took the opportunity to get a photo with him and his lovely girlfriend too.

Then, at 9.30pm, hundreds of singers, dancers and power-generating cyclists worked together to awaken the sleeping giant and it certainly was an impressive and spectacular display.

On Tuesday morning, our Abingdon team joined the masses outside of our office on the corner of Vineyard and Stert Street and watched the torch pass by as church bells pealed. A very exciting start to a Tuesday morning!

“Go team GB!”