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Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Best Flatmate winners – who has won the £2000??

After 1947 votes.

After hours of reading all the comments.

We have our winners.

We have the winner of the £2000 towards a holiday – drawn at random.

We have the winner of an iPad – drawn at random.

We have the 5 winners of 6 bottles of Chablis each for the best comments – chosen at our discretion.

So, drum roll:

£2000 towards a holiday

This has been won by Claire Evans from Bicester. She now has the tough task of choosing how, where and when to go on holiday. Claire has the rare distinction of being both a landlord and a tenant of ours – what great taste she has. And to complete the circle, Claire’s husband Andrew is 40 next month.

She voted for JRR Tolkien, with her comment being a lovely rhyme – a deserving winner:

“There would be a fabulous adventure in every room, hobbits in the cupboards and orcs next door, Gandalf in the bathroom and many more!!”

The iPad

The second prize in our competition is an iPad from that low profile fruit company in California. The winner is one Catherine Chester. As fate would have it she has her own birthday on Monday 21st May and so the iPad becomes a double bonus birthday treat.

She voted for Agatha Chrisie and the reason was:

“Because I’d simply die without Poirot!”

The 5 half cases of Chablis

Here are five comments which we liked. We hope you do too. Each receives 6 bottles of high quality Chablis and our thanks for entering:

NIGELLA LAWSON: Because …. my Husband would never be late home from work EVER again :-). Lynne Upton

ALBERT EINSTEIN: It would be absolutely fascinating to live with Albert (or bertie as we like to call him in our flat!!), As we are cooking our fry ups in the morning Bertie could explain to us all of the complicated goings on that’s happening and we could then go on a quest to make the perfect fry up brekkie! Then sitting back with our cups of tea waiting for the mail, Bertie could devise theories to explain just WHY it is that the postman is always late in the morning. Then in the evenings Bertie and I would take in a music concert….watching the likes of the Killers or Greenday because it’s a little known fact that Bertie was actually a bit of a mosher and loved rock music….I mean just check out that hair – that could only come from some serious head banging!! All in all it would just be good times with Bertie (Or Baz as we like to call him when we are gigging!!) . Christopher Bell

OSCAR WILDE: Who wouldn’t want a flatmate who was witty, intelligent, a great conversationalist, and created a great and decorative living environment. Why wouldn’t anyone want to live with someone who was not afraid to live the life he thought fit, regardless to the congenital views of others. As a flatmate he could point out your follies and make you laugh at them. As a highly successful writer he earned a good income and could afford his share of the rent; what more do you want? Chris Williams

WINSTON CHURCHILL: Oxfordshire born and bred and without Churchill’s leadership, Oxfordshire, the UK and arguably the western world may well have not enjoyed the freedoms and liberty that we cherish so much today. Clearly there are many that qualify but without Churchill\’s leadership so many of the others may not have been able to flourish and in some cases may not even be alive.  In short without Churchill this list would have been very different. David Hawkins


He speaks his mind, he’s off the wall,

He’d break the ice at parties.

He needs only space to park his bike,

Is there more about living with him to like?

He can pay the rent, he’s good for a loan,

He’d be good to fight my corner.

He needs only minutes to get ready each day,

Giving me more time to shower and go my own way

He knows many people, He likes to have fun,

He could be trusted as a tenant.

So why choose Winston, Edwina or Waugh,

For Boris would certainly never be a bore!

Mark Bedford