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Who is going to win the Best Flatmate Competition?

Will it be Winston? Oscar or Nigella? Agatha or Boris? Will it be…

…a surprise. Tomorrow we’ll find out as the Best Flatmate Competition ends at 2pm on Friday May 18th.

We’ve been blown away with the response – at the time of writing we’ve had just over 1700 entries which is far more than we’d hoped for.

A few favourites are emerging:

  • Albert Einstein – admired for his creativity and humility
  • Winston Churchill – seen as the raconteur to top all raconteurs
  • Nigella Lawson – Good fun, a great cook
  • Oscar Wilde – flamboyance and a good party around every corner
  • Boris Johnson – high profile with the Mayoral elections and ex-Henley MP

Lots of further people have been nominated:

  • Roger Bannister – a total legend and breaker of the 4-minute mile record at Iffley Road
  • Ian Hislop – Private Eye editor and TV comedy panellist
  • George Orwell – arguably Britain’s greatest 20th Century author  and now buried in Sutton Courtenay
  • Thom Yorke – the lead singer of Radiohead
  • Hugh Laurie – comedian, actor, jazz singer

For the full list click here

We’ll pick the winners tomorrow and stick them here on the blog at 3pm.

Watch this space.