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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

“My mate finds out soon if he can keep his legs”

Yesterday a team of us helped AirAmbulance raise money at the newly re-opened Sainsburys at Heyford Hill (the big one on the roundabout at the start of the Henley Road).

Here are some thoughts on the day:

  • Donning the t-shirt and bucket, you suddenly see a different side of society and human behaviour. You become one of “those people” who loiter around High Streets, supermarkets and motorway service stations asking for cash. Whereas before you might have walked past “those people”, now it is your challenge to successfully raise some money
  • Immediately you need a thick skin for the 20% or so who won’t even look you in the eye or respond to your requests. Luckily, you also need quite a thick skin in the letting and property management business (property is an emotional thing)
  • Some people are great. In fact, you can’t help but be affected by the goodwill which many people have and feel towards AirAmbulance. They readily donate some coins or buy raffle tickets and wish you all the best
  • Two people gave £5 – thank you so much!
  • Some people have more experience of the AirAmbulance than most. We met 3 people in half a day who have had friends airlifted by the AirAmbulance. Sadly one passed away, and two are still in the John Radcliffe
  • One of these people said “My mate was pulled out last week and will soon find out if he can keep his legs. The AirAmbulance is a wonderful thing. “
  • Office workers are a hard sell. They have time pressure, and a trip to the supermarket at lunchtime is probably eating into their lunchbreak. They stride past with focus and really do not want to stop and buy a sticker for 50p
  • Teenagers need justification to donate money. They won’t just drop a few coins in the bucket, they want to know what the charity is, what the money is for and why it is not funded by the Government. Fair enough – all valid questions
  • Children like stickers
  • Mums like things which their children like as long as a) they don’t cost the earth, b) they are not full of sugar and are going to send their children into a hyperactive orbit before tea-time
  • Collecting with a bucket in public is both inspiring and tiring. We have a new found respect for the so-called ‘charity muggers’. In fact we have respect for anyone who gives up their time to ‘rattle the bucket’

A big thanks to the AirAmbulance team for being such good hosts on the day.

PS: We’ve just found out that the team raised £612 in the day – fantastic news. We were part of a team of 5 people. Eleanor said that £500 represents a good day so £612 is good news all round.

With Eleanor from AirAmbulance who looks after some of the fundraising:

A hard won bucket of raffle tickets at £1 a go: