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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Summer Holiday…in Oxford

When you think of summer holidays, most people think of a trip abroad to the sunshine; the south of France, Algarve or maybe even the Caribbean. However, a lot of our landlords who live overseas will return to the midst of the Oxford lettings market for their summer holiday.

This can be an opportunity to check that everything is in order with their property, and they can use this as time to take care of any required upgrades or maintenance (new furniture, decoration, building works), while they can oversee the works.

The result of these annual returns can be that tenancies commence towards the end of September or early October and run until June or July of the following year (at which point, the landlord will return again). Whilst this sounds problematic, in a city such as Oxford we often find tenants who are more than happy with this set up – particularly those looking for a tenancy for the academic year.

However, in our North Oxford lettings branch we have a couple of success stories with longer-term tenants:

  • A couple living in a flat in Begbroke were more than happy to move out of the property throughout their summer holiday, while the landlord visited over the month of August. They have happily just moved back in for a second year.
  • An existing tenant has moved from one property to a new one where the landlord returns every year. They are happy with this arrangement, as they only really need to live here for the academic year, while the children are at school.  We hope that they will use the flat for years to come!