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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

All aboard the bus tour!

On Saturday 24th September, we invited tenants to join us on a free bus tour of Oxford.

We are happy to say that the tour went very well, and everyone seemed really happy by the end (although that may have been down to the chocolate we supplied mid-way through the trip)!

We had a real mix of tenants respond to our invitation, from single people to families, and from people who have been meaning to take the tour for a while now to those who only have only been living in Oxford rental properties for a month!

Our own personal ‘most interesting fact’ which we learned from the tour was that Howard Florey discovered the therapeutic properties of penicillin at the department of Biochemistry (on South Parks Road). Although Alexander Fleming discovered the substance of penicillin, it was Howard Florey who carried out the work to make it ‘usable’. That’s one for the pub quiz!