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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

The village that made a film

Writer and Director, Guy Browning, introduces the film

Last night we attended a local screening of the film Tortoise in Love at the Wallingford Corn Exchange. This is the feel-good romantic comedy filmed (and mostly financed and acted!) by the Oxfordshire village of Kingston Bagpuize and Southmoor.

We were lucky enough to have Guy Browning, the writer and director of the film, present at the screening last night. Guy gave a brief introduction before the film and there was a Q&A session afterwards where he told us about the challenges of translating comedy from script to screen and editing a feature length film, and their visit to the Cannes Film Festival.

Having seen the hour and a half long film, we are happy to report that it is good. Really good. It is genuinely funny in parts and most of the audience couldn’t help but to laugh out loud – and not just because the man who wrote the script was in the room. It is also very touching in parts, and not just because of the two ‘main’ characters. You really feel as though you have met the whole village of Kingston Bagpuize & Southmoor!

Part of the film focuses on the annual village fete and the amusing activities that the villagers take part in, including a pantomime horse race and the ‘low flying red barrows’ – all real activities from previous village fetes! All of the music for the film was written by a local composer, and fits beautifully.

So whilst the ‘story’ of the film itself (“The village that made a film”) may be what grabs the attention of the press, we are confident that the film itself is good enough to be shown in cinemas. What they need is our help – they need people to go and ‘Like’ their Facebook page and register their support on the film’s website.

The good news is that there is a second screening of the film tonight (Tuesday 28th June) at the Wallingford Corn Exchange, and we would thoroughly recommend that you go along to watch it.