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Arts Council funding cuts announced for Oxfordshire

Sweet Charity at the Oxford Playhouse

Yesterday was a big day for the arts community in Oxfordshire, as the Arts Council announced funding levels for the next few years.

Nationally, over 1300 organisations applied for funding and 638 did not receive anything.

Of this 638, 206 had previously gained Arts Council funding.  

On a slightly myopic Oxfordshire level, two groups have had their funding cut:

–          Oxfordshire Theatre Company – who received £202K in 2010/11

–          Artpoint – who received £121K in 2010/11

So that is a major blow for these two organisations. The ‘Shared Experiences’ theatre group (based in London but the resident company of the Playhouse) also lost all its funding.

 Other parts of the county’s cultural map fared better:

  2010/11 subsidy Real terms change up to 2014/15
Modern Art Oxford £935K -9.4%
Oxford Contemporary Music £97K +16%
Oxford Playhouse £299K +20.3%


Is this a fair result? We are going to sit on the fence on that one I’m afraid.

The interesting question is what criteria was used to assess the funding? The Arts Council CEO said there is a “clear intellectual framework” and perhaps you can discover more about what this framework is on one of these sites:

Whatever your politics – and the issue was debated on Newsnight at 11pm last night – the Arts Council had a tough brief: they have less money to disperse to the country’s cultural institutions, and so there were always going to be painful decisions made.