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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

The Turrill Sculpture Garden, North Oxford

Here is a message from our friends at the lovely Turrill Sculpture Garden in North Oxford:

As many of you will know now, our Tenth Anniversary year closed on a disturbing note of uncertainty.

 We had had a very enjoyable and successful year and were taken entirely by surprise when the County Council announced its plans to close Summertown Library.   Although we have had no official notice of this ourselves from the County Council we presume that this may have a direct consequence for the Turrill Garden and are busy supporting the campaign to Save Summertown Library. (Details for this can be found on 

Thanks to many of you who responded instantly to an email that went out requesting members to sign the petition on the Council website against the closure. Let us hope that we can keep the pressure up and come up with a sensible strategy that will save both Library and the garden.

Just to clarify the situation; the County Council owns most of the garden but the wide strip that goes from the Health Centre to the back wall belongs to the NHS.

Our  Programme for 2011:

The following exhibitions are planned for this year to give a wide variety of sculpture to enjoy.

 1 March – 2 April – Lost in Stone – showing the work of Emma Ablitt, Anne Boning and Ann-Margreth Bohl

 9 – 30 April – Nigel Ash, Sarah Dearling, Paul Elliott and Richard Fox bring their skills with varied media in abstract form to the garden

 7 -28 May – Artweeks Exhibition with Christine Burgess, Pat Elmore, Roy Howarth, Martin Smith, Andrew Thompson, Christopher Townsend and  Rachel Woods.  For the first time we are linking with the 03 Gallery at the Oxford Castle this year so work by some of these sculptors will also be on view in the Castle courtyard.

11 June – 2 July – Charlotte Mayer and Johannes von Stumm – leading members of the Royal British Society of Sculptors whose sculpture is known internationally. We are absolutely thrilled that they will be showing some of their abstract sculpture at the Turrill.

9 July – 10 September Penny Hardy – bringing her strong metal figurative forms over from Devon.

24 September – 19 November – Oxford Sculptors’ Group

28 November – December (and we hope to February?) Christmas/Winter Exhibition