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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

An HMO update after meeting with Oxford City Council

We went to a meeting with Oxford City Council yesterday about HMOs.

There was no major news as such since most developments were announced before Xmas, but here are some notes:

Planning Change of Use C3 (Dwelling) to C4 (HMO)

  • Council indicated that development of new HMOs would be discouraged pending formulation of new local development framework.
  • Central Government direction in October 2010 classes change of use C4 to C3 and vice versa as permitted development. A legal challenge to the government position is currently going through courts.
  • On 8/12/10 OCC Executive reached decision that C3 to C4 development should require change of use permission and will invite consultation in Feb 2011. Any change not likely to be implemented until Feb 2012
  • More details

HMO Update

  • Extension of HMO Licensing scheme now underway.
  • New Categories of HMO – 3 Storey Property with 3 and 4 sharers and 2 storey property with 5 or more sharers – now require a licence.
  • Applications must be made by 24th January 2011. Contact your local Finders Keepers Property Manager for advice. The scheme applies to all other HMO’s from 30/01/12

Waste Recycling

  • Inventories should itemise the number and type of bins at the property, as replacements from the Council are chargeable.
  • Details of bin collection dates can be found at .