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Finders Keepers Tapeball Tournament 2010


Finders Wicket Keepers v. Six Appeal

On Sunday 4th July a very important sporting event took place. Not the Wimbledon final, but the FK Tapeball Tournament 2010, held at Horspath Cricket Club.

There were eight teams competing and they were made up of staff from Oxford letting agents, Finders Keepers, or contractors. All the teams had clever names (including “Finders Wicket Keepers”, “Howzat!” and “Bright Sparks” – a team of our trusty contractors), and within each team there was varying levels of skill from accomplished players to total novices, but each team had their sights set on the enviable title of “Finders Keepers Tapeball Champions 2010”.

The first four games were played quite light-heartedly with lots of cheering from the other teams on the side followed by lovely tea, sandwiches and cakes (supplied by various Finders Keepers people). After the break, the competitive streak came out in some people as the opportunity to be declared the overall winners came closer.

After an exciting Plate Final, Six Appeal were declared the overall winners – they were made up of six members of our East Oxford team.

Six Appeal win the coveted plate

The Cup Final was slightly more serious because one of the teams was made up entirely of an FK employee’s friends and family (two of whom happen to be renting in Oxford through Finders Keepers). We are slightly ashamed to report that the final competing Finders Keepers team (“It’s Just Not Cricket”) was beaten by the non-Finders Keepers team (see photo below).

As such, the reigning FK Tapeball Champions 2010 are…some Finders Keepers tenants!

The winners: High viz rollers

A massive thank you to all at Horspath Cricket Club for making the day possible.