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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

Our 14 NFOPP Technical Awards in print

A huge congratulations to our 14 successful new holders of the ARLA Propertymark Qualified.

Why do we take it you may ask? Read on…

As amazing as it seems, anyone can set up a letting business and start handling large sums of other people’s money.

You don’t need a licence.

You don’t get regulated.

Our 14 ARLA Propertymark stars, almost 10% of the country’s total

There are a lot of cowboys out there who just can’t believe their luck. Some are neither qualified nor a member of an industry body, so the customer has zero protection against the deposit, rent owed, etc.

We want to take a different tack.

We are investing heavily to become Oxford’s most┬áprofessional letting and property management agents.

This takes time, money and energy.

One of the key planks of our strategy is equipping lots of our staff with the industry trade qualifications, and 14 senior people have just passed it.

Yes, that’s 14 people at once.

The award itself is a bit of a mouthful: The National Federation of Property Professionals Technical Award in Residential Letting & Property Management.

ARLA Propertymark is the parent body of the letting industry body ARLA and the estate agent body NAEA.

The exams comprise 4 separate 3 hour modules:

  • Unit 1 – Health and Safety, Security and General Law
  • Unit 2 – Legal Aspects of Letting and Management
  • Unit 3 – Residential Property Letting Practice
  • Unit 4 – Residential Property Management Practice

The work requires a serious commitment of time: we provide 1 day’s training for each module, and a study day. Also the person concerned must study in their own freetime.

But 14 passes out of 14 is a great start.

There will be more people taking all 4 modules soon…