Struggling to sell?

Here’s a bright idea…We can find you a tenant instead.

If you’re trying to move house but are struggling to sell your current home, letting it out instead could facilitate your onward move. Rising mortgage costs and increasing buyer affordability limitations might make it harder to secure a sale at the price you want. Rental demand is exceptionally strong in Oxfordshire, and letting your property is a great solution to get you moving.

Across Oxfordshire we have multiple examples of our teams successfully letting properties which have failed to sell over recent months. For example, the owners of an immaculate six bedroom house in Bicester could not sell at the price they wanted to achieve and so they invited us to appraise it for letting. At the appointment we provided a rent quote, and mentioned that we were working with a previous tenant for whom this home was ideal. The owner agreed to us showing the applicant the property before marketing it online. The applicant loved it and made an offer at 6% more than our proposed rent.

In a slower sales market, keeping your property could make financial or practical sense. Letting it would also generate a regular income and, over time, it may even increase in value. Of course, letting comes with its own legislation. This is why it is important that you choose an expert and experienced agency. Our hands-on approach, and being based close to the properties we manage, offers peace of mind that your home will be well looked after. We take away the day-to-day worries of property management and can ensure you comply with ever-changing regulations.

If you’ve tried selling without success we can provide you with a free appraisal where we will advise you of any necessary work to ensure the property is compliant for letting and can give you an idea of achievable rental income.

Property. Properly.

Want to discuss your property?

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