Buying or Selling

a tenanted property

Selling your investment property
Property investment should be a minimum 5-10 year project, but whenever you decide that it's time to sell, our team can help (even if you are not currently a Finders Keepers client). Regaining possession in order to sell is often the 'traditional' way to sell an investment property, but this process can take months by the time notice is served, access is gained, and then any necessary repairs or redecoration take place in order to market the property for sale. Selling with the tenants in situ typically saves time and disruption and allows the seller to continue receiving rental income up until completion.

Buying a tenanted property
Acquiring a 'going concern' is a neat and simple way of hitting the ground running - instant tenant and immediate income. Our expertise lies in matching up landlords who want to sell with our database of investors looking to buy with reduced risk.

Buying a tenanted property as an investor can mean that essentially the hard work has been done for you:

  • You will start achieving rental income right from the day you take ownership
  • Knowing the rental income will help you to budget
  • You will the rent history of the tenant; and
  • You won't need to prepare the property for the rental market or worry about viewings, referencing or drawing up tenancy agreements

On top of this, if Finders Keepers has been responsible for managing the property, we can provide you with a detailed history of the property and you can be confident that the property is fully compliant and holds all the necessary certificates to meet letting regulations.

In short, the risks are lowered for both vendor and buyer. If you are considering selling your tenanted property - even if it is let through another agency - we can help you decide if selling with a tenant in situ is the right solution for you.

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