How local property management can save you money

How local property management can save you money

It would be easy to assume that all property management services are the same. If you’re paying for full management, that’s what you should expect to get. In fact, many agencies across the country operate their property management from a centralised call centre.

From the very start, Finders Keepers has passionately believed in hands-on property management to properly manage a landlord’s asset. Our Property Managers handle the full tenancy lifecycle, based in an office local to the properties they manage. But how can this save a landlord money? Our Bicester office recently had two great examples:

The tenants of a two-bedroom apartment in the town centre reported that they had no hot water or heating and their boiler was flashing an error code. Instead of simply calling a plumber to attend to the issue, our Property Manager - who is based a short walk away from the property - asked the tenant if it would be ok for them to visit the property to investigate the matter further. They visited the property later that day and were able to repressurise the boiler, fixing the issue for the tenant and saving the landlord the cost of a plumber.

Similarly, the tenant of another two-bedroom property elsewhere in Bicester reported that they had no heating at the property. Again, the Property Manager suggested that they attend themselves to look into the issue. Upon visiting the property, they discovered that the heating had simply not been turned on. Of course, for some this seems like an obvious place to start, but had our Property Manager not been able to visit the property themselves, this could have cost the landlord money to book a contractor to attend the reported issue.

Of course, had these issues not been easy fixes our Property Managers would have called experts to carry out the required repairs. However, in these cases they were able to save their landlords a contractor call-out charge of around £90, simply by visiting the property themselves.

If your agent is offering remote property management, and you think you could benefit from local, hands-on management for your rental property, contact Sarah or Kieran to discuss switching:

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